Version Changes
2.2.13 Bug
[RA50-7] - Security Fix SIM#2024-02
2.2.11 Bug
[MINI-75] - [Bug: MB-988] Cellular connections didn´t work while using "on demand" connection (digital input or Function button)
2.2.10 Optimization
[MINI-74] - DNS-Server negotiation with mobile service provider optimized
2.2.9 Optimization
[MINI-73] - Increase timeout for cellular network-test
2.2.8 Bugfix
[MINI-71] - DNS server entries were in wrong order
[MINI-72] - Old assigned DNS server from DHCP weren´t deleted
2.2.7 Bug
[MINI-68] - [Bug: MB-897] VPN connection problem after factory reset and configuration
[MINI-69] - [Bug: MB-899] Occasional connection loss of cellular connection which won´t reconnect
[MINI-54] - Implement new cellular Modem for EU
[MINI-55] - Implement new cellular Modem for AT&T NA
2.2.5 Bug
[MINI-67] - Occasionally no WiFi connection to iPhone hotspot and other various APs (No IP address via DHCP)
2.2.4 Bug
[MINI-63] - VPN reconnect failed at times when testping failed
[MINI-64] - NTP service didn´t start under certain circumstances

[MINI-65] - Debug logging optimized (LUA library messages removed)
[MINI-66] - Logging optimized by adding more information on DHCP process
2.2.3 Bugfix
[MINI-56] - Hard coded WiFi SSID was shown, if no connection was possible
[MINI-58] - WiFi Channel expanded to 1 - 13
[MINI-59] - The input settings of I/O 1 and 2 wasn´t displayed correctly in the Quickstart
[MINI-60] - No WiFi connection if AP set to WPA/WPA2 and Encryption = Automatic

[MINI-61] - More information on scanned WiFi APs
2.2.2 Optimization:
[MINI-53] [MINI-52] - Internal system adjustments for SC3 (simply-connect)
[MINI-49] - Internal system adjustments
[MINI-46] - mbCONNECT24 Serverlist update
[MINI-47] - DHCP DNS Servers is used before the DNS from settings. Priority change.
[MINI-43] - Update CI (Logo, Color)
[MINI-45] - Update WLAN application and Hardware compatibility

[MINI-50] - Quickstart Web-GUI: Wrong display of open Ports Ports 80,443,1194
[MINI-40] - Identical USB-Ident on the USB host connection together with the built-in modem

[MINI-48] - Integration of Simply-Connect
[MINI-44] - Status API without Login
2.0.8 Bugfixes:
[MINI-27] - MDH867 optimise Failover WAN/WLAN/GSM
[MINI-32] - pppd Vulnerability CVE-2020-8597

[MINI-24] - optimise WLAN with setting: without internet monitoring
[MINI-29] - Support for Telit Modem LE910NAG V2
[MINI-34] - Optimise Failover switching time
2.0.7 Improves:
- [MINI-24] WLAN connection improvement while monitoring is switched off
2.0.6 Bug
[MINI-8] - [Support] BUGS-106 - Problem with UMTS Modems
2.0.4 Bug
[MINI-9] - Memorylimit of the "Config" section of the flash reached
[MINI-5] - [Feature] FIMA-78 - Unique password funcitonality prepared
[MINI-7] - [Feature] FIMA-43 - Showing how is connected to the portal (WAN, modem)
[MINI-10] - HWVERSION and STAT_INET request in script implemented
[MINI-23] - Digital I/O
2.0.3 Bug:
- [MINI-2] - fixed CTM with proxy

- #4046: new WIFI Modul support RALink 5370
2.0.1 Bugfix:
- #3953: Email sending was not working
- #3957: Failover back from Modem to WAN was not working when Modem was initializing state
- #3955: preset Modem connection regardless of configuration
2.0.0 Security:
#3926 : Security update (openvpn, openssl, WEB logout)

#3933 : fix SearchoverIP with Beckhoff, Schneider, Pilz
#3401 : WLAN-Gateway was shown wrong at Quickstart page
#3387 : Fix PROFINET Communication between LAN-Port 4 and LAN-Port 1 to 3
#3339 : Forwarding rules were not deleted with new configuration
#3309 : Data24 download only when device is online
#3308 : wrong Firewall rule for USBOverIP when it was inactive
#3306 : fix kernel oops tty_buffer_request_room
#3295 : Firewall Forwarding: LAN IP's were accepted despite Firewall from WAN>LAN
#3234 : no access via SFTP to USB memory
#3160 : boot process tooks more than 10 minutes when WAN was static IP-Address and no cable plugged in
#2931 : improvement of failover and monitoring
#2828 : WLAN Encryption method was not taken over while setup thru Quickstart
#2781 : Memory overflow with Hardwareversion 0

#3929 : add SNAT for LAN to WAN
#3928 : add SimpleNAT
#3927 : add Selectable Interface for Firewallrules
#2868 : show MAC-Addresses on Quickstart page
#2717 : delete conntrack Filter each firewall reset
#2516 : add Ignore traffic setting for LAN and local Services
#3310 : Firmwareversion is also shown in syslog now
1.9.0 Bugfix:
#2835: Increased the GSM-timeout
#2828: Improved the WLAN firststart
#2840: Improved the re-connection of the devices
#2739: A text document with detailed information will be created after a configuration download to the device fails because of a wrong configuration file

#2680: Masquerading
#2717: Conntrack filter will be flushed after every firewall restart
#2750: Authentication method for proxy users added
SEARCHoverIP function implemented