Version Changes Feature:
#[DIALUP-3]: new menu "Create Supportinformation" at Info-Button. All Logfiles will be packed in ZIP file
#[DIALUP-4]: new menu "Open Data Directory" at Info-Button.It opens the Explorer at your Data Directory File location. Feature:
#4018: separate Appdata Installation path for all users or single user Bugfix:
- #4051 fix HTTP-Proxy connection. (use of OpenVPN 2.3.18 since 2.4.x has community confirmed issue with HTTP-Proxy) Bugfix:
- load Chrome DLL libcef.dll from absolute installation path to not conflict with other installations.

- integrate chromium-74.0.3729.157 Bugfix:
#4048: Bluescreen when accessing VCOM. Driver update from V7 to V9. #4030: new Chromium Version 74.0.3729.131 and CEF4 for internal browser improvements Bugfix:
- #3983: fix Auto-Login in mbDIALUP
- #3962: fix OpenVPN 2.4.5 issue regarding auto-proxy

- #3999: TLS Cipher given to OpenVPN configuration
- #4001: auto-logout from Server when exiting mbDIALUP Add:
- #3997: add Australian Server
- #3998: add check for updates function at menu "info" Bugfix:
#3526: Update TAP Driver (Version 9.21.2)
#3510: Default Setting "Override IE automatic proxy search settings" is now FALSE
#3416: Freeze after "Connect after programstart (username and password must be specified in the serverlist)" if Username or Password was not given
#3742: update integrated Browser with (CEF 3.3538.1848.g1d1fe01 which includes Chromium 70.0.3538.77)
#3743: corrected some typos on settings page
#3680: if there was a "." in the device name while configuring through network, the transfer failed. Now "." are allowed.
#3418: Sometimes an error occured while downloading configration file to the computer
#3417: Sometimes software freezed after Exit
#3209: corrected typo in installation routine
#3018: If "conftool" option was disabled, the configuration process through network didn't finished

#3744: China Server Selection
#1814: Funktion to check for updates added. See Icon "Info" and submenu "Check for updates"

#3510: The option "Override IE" is now default = FALSE