Version Changes
5.1.6 Feature:
#3935 : add SNAT for LAN to WAN
5.1.5 Bugfix:
#3868: Settings to use WLAN as the Internet connection was not taken over from a configuration via LAN or USB
#3864: OpenVPN was not started in some conditions where Failover happened or configuration changed
5.1.4 Bugfix:
#3841: SMS with more than 1 Line or generated by Multiplex-Alarms was not delivered. Only affected LTE moduls.
5.1.3 Bugfix:
#3823: Failover WAN>Modem. If Modem was not working and WAN connectivity came back, the Failover didn't switched back to WAN.
5.1.2 Bugfix:
#3693: SMS with more than 1 Number was not delivered. Only affected LTE moduls.
5.1.0 Version: 5.1.0 (22.06.2018)

#: This Firmware is compatible to WLAN-Routers and all other mbCONNECT-Routers

#2861: Web2Go - Generating and Downloading the Support file does not work
#1295: It is not possible to read the serialnumber
#1311: NTP - Setting the interval via mbCONNECT24 does not work
#1935: I/O Manager - Cannot enter or change the name in the server
#2302: Firewall - Source-IP was functionless
#2303: Ping from LAN to WAN always works even if the firewall-setting prohibits the ping
#1999: MDH831 does not connect automatically
#2305: Firewall setting - DROP-Function in Firewall-chain does not work
#2767: Ready LED blinks very long if static WAN-IP is selected but device has no internet connection or connection to the server
#2858: Configuration name changes to Xmbconnect24.mbn even if the config is for a different device type

#754: CTM - CTM exchanging data via SSL
#2136: Firewall - Whitepaper for Firewall-settings mbNET
#2301: Firewall - Forwarding the packets in the device
#2304: Firewall - Adjust the default policy
#2341: Security - Option for turning off Webservices
#2726: Security - CTM Security Improvement
#2736: mbCONFTOOL - Deactivate the configuration-interface for mbCONFTOOL on the mbNET
#2960: Security - ICMP vulnerability Timestamp
#2180: Firewall - Improve Firewall and Firewallrules
#3174: Notification - Get Notification if VPN Connection to the mbNET is established